Tapping Into Our Creative Juices

Throughout April, we're hosting a Haiku Charity Contest -- tapping into this simple structure of language to express the delight, challenge, humor and call of creation care and faith.

Originated in Japan, haiku poetry features three short lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. Here are two examples:

Only seventeen
syllables form the canvas
A paintbrush of words

Whose idea was this?
Can you really share your heart
in three little lines?

Through the end of the month, submit haikus at church with themes of Earth Care, Earth Beauty, Earth Stewardship (hey, it's Earth Day/Month!)  or Life at Hope Presbyterian (hey, it's us!). We'll have a category for children elementary school age or younger, and we'll award selections from The Amazing Treasure Chest of Mostly Useful Prizes to category winners. The overall winner may designate $30 to the approved charity of choice (we have a fluid list of more than 200 approved charities and we're open to new ones). So ...

Click off your remote
Mull ideas and grab paper
Show us what you've got

Tap your creative juices. Express yourself. Let's #DoGoodHaveFun!

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