God is Doing a New Thing

In support of our denomination's 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement, for the last two years I've helped interview candidates for 1001 apprenticeships. These experiences occur in different contexts across the country and include summer-long, nine month or one year formats. They're designed to help new leaders explore fresh expressions of the Church alongside a cohort of fellow adventurers, mentors and coaches. 

I feel so enriched by this experience: hearing the faith journey and dreams of Spirit-nudged entrepreneurs. These leaders are a microcosm of our changing world: diverse in ethnicity, denominational heritage, gender, age, you name it ... But consistently, they are women and men who love Jesus and want to follow him faithfully as they love and welcome others.

New worshiping communities ... without walls ... serving the least, the last and the lost ... building bridges of peace among people of different faiths or no faith ... leaving the familiar to meet people where they are.

Friends, God is doing a New Thing, and he's raising up men and women to give it skin. It makes my heart beat faster ... and it gives me hope for the church and the world. Thanks be to God.

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