Pray For One Another

Scripture calls us to pray for one another and most of us, at least, are well-intentioned about it. We may especially offer prayers if we're aware of a crisis or sense a nudging from the Holy Spirit. Yet -- because we're human -- we may neglect non-pressing intercession when we're distracted by the swirl of our own lives.

This Fall, we're offering a simple tool to help you fulfill your call to pray for others ... and it's even kind of fun. We've created zip-lock 'prayer packs' that include the names of every household currently active at Hope (and a few listed on our rolls who must work on Sundays).

The idea? Draw one name each morning and, throughout the day, offer prayers for that person or family. If you know a specific need, pray it. If you don't know the person or any specifics, offer general prayers of blessing (health, wisdom, guidance, hope, provision, the awareness of God's love for them), biblical prayers like Ephesians 3.16-19 or Colossians 1.9-12, or silently hold their names before God and voice prayers if or as you feel prompted.

At my house, I've claimed an old metal candy box and inserted a cardboard divider in it. I've placed the slips face-down on one side. When I randomly draw one, I place it face-up on the other side. This way I can re-use the slips next quarter. Early next year we'll add the names of new regulars.

What a privilege to pray and know others are praying for us, too!  #HaveFunDoGood #LiveYourCalling

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