Advent Greetings

This week our staff signed and mailed the 2016 Hope Christmas cards, with designs submitted by members of the Hope family.

How fun to share these images and all they represent -- most notably the unique contribution each person can make to God's Kingdom. These designs include:
  • Cupcake Nativity -- the Frosting-By-Numbers extravaganza created by people of Hope with art direction by Jillian Strogis
  • Family Time -- a drawing by 7-year-old Gustavo
  • Christmas Tree -- art from the archives of Lauren Kamperman
  • Christmas Word Art -- designed by Tammy Strogis
The envelopes bear the postmark of Christmas, Florida. There may be a reward from "The Amazing Treasure Chest of Mostly Useful Prizes" for  observant recipients!

This year we'll also use extra copies of the Cupcake Nativity to acknowledge gifts toward the purchase of a $1,500 Village Garden Well through the Presbyterian Mission Agency. (Those who contribute a gift in honor or memory of another may take one of these cards and enclose a note describing the designation.) What a great way to share the vision of our congregation -- showcasing both our deep commitment to serve others and our overarching sense of fun!

Merry Christmas, All! It's such a privilege to be on this journey with you ... to serve with whole-heartedness and have fun to boot!

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