So Little Can Do So Much

Just after Easter we heard from Debbie Scott-Robinson and her husband Paul, who spoke about Utange Orphans Charity and the way it meets concrete needs in Kenya.

Debbie & Paul established the orphanage 10 years ago. It houses 24 parent-less children -- but as many as 500 other orphaned children have been taken in by community members. With scarce resources, these poor-themselves neighbors often can only feed a needy orphan every few days, Debbie says. So the Robinsons launched Feed500, which provides a meal for orphans each Saturday and sends them home with a bag of maize to share with the family that's caring for them -- so they can all have something to eat during the week.

Each Saturday in Utange, 500 orphans walk to the Action Centre for the meal, cooked for them by local volunteers.  It takes some of them over an hour to get there. Some of them are just toddlers and some of the children are carrying babies not yet able to walk.

Approximately $7.50 will feed one orphaned child for an entire month, Debbie and Paul told us. We're inviting Hopesters and friends to consider giving an extra $7.50 in May and designating it "For Kenya." We'll forward our combined gift to care for these precious ones in early June.

Find more info at http://utangeorphans.org/Groups/249674/Utange_Orphans.aspx

Friends, for less than the cost of two lattes, we can change a life. Let's live like we get it!

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