Let Your Light Shine

Recently I stumbled on this photo from the finish line at Run Nona 2011. Just 10 weeks before we formally launched Hope Pres, the camera caught Tammy Strogis, our future Director of Children's Ministry, and me as we shifted gears for the final stretch.

Some time after this event, I tossed the race bib -- only to realize later, when shuffling some paperwork, that my race number had serendipitously been 516. Five-sixteen. As in Matthew 5.16: "Let your light so shine before others that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." As in: one of the three framing verses for our neophyte congregation! I ordered a copy of the photo to celebrate God's lovely affirmation.

Last month, for the entirety of 5/16, we urged each other to "Shine 5/16" -- to live in a way that causes others to pay attention and look beyond us to the One who claims us. We extended five Marlow "Help Your Neighbor" Grants in May, too ... allowing Hope to partner with our personal on-the-ground efforts. Well done, team! Though 5/16 as a month/year designation won't recur for another century, we can live it every day. Friends, let's live like we get it!

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